Dr. Nalova Lyonga, UB VC at the press conference

After Creation of HTTC Kumba: We’ve to Do a Situational Analysis – UB VC

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon The component of the University of Buea, UB has changed since Friday, March 7 2014 with Presidential Decree Number 2014/090 signed Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon, creating a Higher Technical Teachers’ College, … Continue reading

Rector of the University of Yaoundé II Prof Oumarou Bouba

University of Yaounde II Newly Appointed Officials Installed

Wilfred Enow Agbor Yaounde, Cameroon The Rector of the University of Yaoundé II, Prof Oumarou Bouba, recently installed newly appointed staff at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Yaoundé II in a colorful ceremony of … Continue reading

Members of the UB Commonwealth Students' Union perform a sketch on the virtues of the Commonwealth of Nations

UB Dons Examine Commonwealth’s Evolution

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon For nineteen years Cameroon is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, where she has been benefitting as well as making its own contribution to the political, economic, social, educational, technological and cultural pools of … Continue reading

Rev.Fr Alexander Sob(R), Catholic Education Secretary, Buea Diocese - We must put smile on the faces of our teachers

Buea Diocese Creates Micro-Finance Institution

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon The Koinonia – Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation introduced by Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, Bishop of Buea Diocese in recent years is ongoing and yielding the expected fruits. After successfully putting in place the … Continue reading

Ngopohla Therese Flore, Auto Mechanic Student

A Woman too can become Automobile Mechanic

Wilfred Enow Agbor Yaounde, Cameroon Gone are the days when a certain trade like automotive repair is only reserved for a man. Today, some women are becoming automotive mechanics, and one of those women is Ms Ngopohla Therese Flore. Therese … Continue reading

HIBMAT staff and graduates in a convivial family picture

HIBMAT Graduates Told To Be Motivated

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon   The 82 graduates who have left from the Higher Institute of Business Management and Technology, HIBMAT, Buea have been invited to keep their motivation alive. This was the message from the Southwest Regional management … Continue reading

Prof. Roland Ndip, New Registrar, University of Buea

Meet Prof. Roland Ndip, New Registrar, University of Buea

Monday, February 3 2014, Professor of Medical Bacteriology and Molecular Biology, Roland Ndip was catapulted from his busy science laboratory in the University of Buea, UB, to the University of Buea Central Administration as the Registrar, thanks to a Presidential … Continue reading

Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh - leaving University of Buea for University of Bamenda after many years of service

Cameroon: Appointments In State Universities

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon Monday, February 3 2014, President Paul Biya signed two decrees appointing some senior officials into government sponsored universities across Cameroon. In Decree No: 2014/048 of February 3 2014, the following were appointed; University of Bamenda … Continue reading

Patricia Fodzo of Source Du Pays(L) & Fr. Nkeze of CUIB sign MOU

Catholic University Institute of Buea and Source Du Pays Clinch Academic, Professional Deals

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon The Catholic University Institute of Buea, CUIB and the leading soft drink company in Cameroon, Source Du Pays have signed an MOU. The partnership agreement was the highpoint of the opening ceremony of the second … Continue reading

Prof. Joyce Endeley(L) & Prof. Mwewa looking in same direction for the betterment of the STREAM scholarship scheme

Cameroon: African Scholars Discuss Brain Circulation, Not Brain Drain

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon African scholars, researchers are discussing and formulating ideas on how to circulate the mental and academic resources they have across the continent and not going to stay in the West. This is amongst the issues … Continue reading