On the Internet, Can Freedom Go Too Far? – Law.com

And this past summer, David Cameron, the U.K.’s prime minister … dire warnings from the Federal Trade Commission; stiff opposition from over 25 global intergovernmental organizations, including the United Nations, the International Monetary …

Jamie Bell on Bringing ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ to Life – Wall Street Journal

From “Billy Elliot” to “The Adventures Of Tintin,” Jamie Bell has become synonymous with playing young men who face surprisingly grown-up challenges; and whether those challenges include the opposition … that Jim Cameron used; I …

Labor says yes to a year of achievement – WA today

And congratulations for this have come from around the world  For example, Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron wrote to the Prime Minister … past year has been the droning chants from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of ”no, no, no”.

UK to try ‘SWF model’ in aid payments to India – Financial Times

The re-orientation of aid in one of the world’s fastest-growing large economies is designed to assuage opposition from some Conservative … sector approach and had the endorsement of David Cameron, the prime minister, and his party.

EDITORIAL: Africa and Obama in 2011

For supporting the ten year French-sponsored coup to overthrow constitutional order in Cote d’Ivoire and the execution of Gadhafi (rewarding terrorists in both instances), Obama has forever lost the respect of progressive Africa and we hope he spends his retirement, whether … Continue reading

Politics Live blog: Thursday 22 December – The Guardian

David Cameron and the Tories tried to brush this under the carpet … partners for political reform but that has been seriously undermined by their opposition to reforms of the voting system and the House of Lords,” Lord Ashdown said.

Britain: Resurgence Of The Thatcherites? – OpEd – eurasiareview.com

Cameron could not have humiliated Clegg more completely … the Social Democrats but moderate members of the Conservative Party. If the miscellaneous opposition to the radical right fails to unite as it did then, Britain could be subjected afresh to … Continue reading

Steve Richards: Miliband will have few excuses if he fails to silence Cameron jibes – Independent

Mr Cameron is good at telling jokes. Wit is an extremely important part of the political armoury, especially in opposition. Unlike Harold Wilson, Tony Blair and Mr Cameron in opposition, Mr Miliband fails to wound with wit. The real discontent … Continue reading

Yearender: Calm prevails election year as sub-Saharan Africa faces democracy tests – Balita News

In some countries, such as Cameroon, Central African Republic … Deadly riots occurred in the capital cities when the opposition leaders cried foul. In Liberia and Chad, major opposition boycotted the presidential elections, pointing their fingers …

Cameron visits UK troops in Afghanistan – YAHOO!

“Cameron… said that Britain wanted the continuation of the peace process and talks with the armed opposition,” the statement said, referring to the need for reconciliation with the Taliban. The prime minister had arrived in Afghanistan under a security …