Cox Claims It Can Reduce Your Gaming Lag, but Only If You Pony Up the Cash

After over a year in beta testing, Cox is rolling out its Elite Gamer add-on for new customers. The ISP claims it can improve your latency by up to 32 percent if you subscribe to the service, though some caveats … Continue reading

These 25 movies will be available online early to help ease your coronavirus anxiety

Movie lovers cooped up at home because of the growing coronavirus threat are getting an unexpected but welcome treat from Hollywood studios: early video-on-demand (VOD) releases of some recent blockbusters, including some films still in theaters (the few that are … Continue reading

What Kind of Performance Should We Expect From ARM-Based Macs?

The big question on everyone’s mind since Apple’s unveiling of its upcoming ARM shift is what kind of performance we can expect the new chips to offer. It’s not an easy question to answer right now, and there’s some misinformation … Continue reading

Astronomers Give Asteroid Moon a New Name Before NASA Hits It With a Spacecraft

We’d be out of luck if a killer asteroid had Earth in its crosshairs today, but NASA and the ESA are preparing for the first test of technology that could one day save the planet. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test … Continue reading

Activation promotionnelle : comment satisfaire les consommateurs ?

92% des consommateurs sont attentifs aux promotions en magasin. Mais à l’heure où ils voient leur pouvoir d’achat en baisse, le marketing promotionnel semble bien plus attractif. Fini les goodies gadgets, place à l’innovation !

LE PHYGITAL : le succès du moment ! Comment retranscrire le phygital dans vos opérations d’activations promotionnelles ?

Le phygital, c’est bien plus qu’un énième buzzword. Provenant de la contraction des mots « physique » et « digital », l’expression désigne des dispositifs associant le retail en boutique et en ligne.

House of Marley Redemption ANC review: Environmentally conscious wireless earbuds with mediocre noise cancelling

Will you be redeemed by wearing the Redemption ANC buds from the House of Marley? Likely not, but if you’re concerned about the usual Earth-unfriendly methods of making devices like this, you’ll probably at least walk away with a load … Continue reading

The ad hater’s guide to cord-cutting

For some cord-cutters, extricating themselves from cable isn’t just about a lower TV bill. It’s also about escaping from advertising. When you ditch cable or satellite TV, it’s possible to set up a plan in which you’ll never have to … Continue reading

Anker Soundcore Rave Neo review: Fat, punchy bass for the dance floor

If you’re looking for speaker to a inspire wholesale shuffling at your next party, then Anker’s $99 Soundcore Rave Neo is just what you’re looking for. It’s loud with a tight, thumpy low end that will promote all sorts of … Continue reading

Yext Answers : boostez l’expérience de recherche sur site !

Offrir au site Internet d’une marque un moteur de recherche puissant, capable de décoder les intentions des clients pour y répondre avec une pertinence maximale, c’est la promesse de Yext Answers. Explications avec Jimmy Barens, International VP Sales Engineering pour … Continue reading