Surrey NanoSystems Vantablack, super-black carbon nanotube material, absorbs light like a black hole

It’s like staring ‘into a black hole’: World’s darkest material will be used to make very stealthy aircraft, better telescopes

At a nondescript industrial park in south England, scientists have created a new super-black material — fashioned out of carbon nanotubes — that is so dark it’s like “looking at a black hole.” The material, called Vantablack, absorbs all but … Continue reading

New Raspberry Pi model B+ doubles up on USB ports, adds microSD and more

A new model of the Raspberry Pi is out, but it’s not Raspberry Pi 2. Instead, it’s the final revision to the old board packed with four USB ports.

Every episode of ‘South Park’ ever joins new original programming on Hulu

If you’re a Hulu user and a fan of the animated Comedy Central series South Park, here’s some good news for you: On Saturday, Hulu announced that it had reached a deal to become the exclusive streaming provider for the … Continue reading

5 games to keep World Cup fever alive

Well, the World Cup is over—time to stop thinking about soccer for another four years, right? It’s a sensation that many of us are no doubt familiar with. We get swept up in the excitement of the tourney, but when … Continue reading

The Wolf Among Us review: A gritty noir murder mystery, with fairy tales

It’s taken nine months, but The Wolf Among Us has finally wrapped its first season. The question going into this was never, I don’t think, “Will it be a good game?” but rather, “Can it live up to Telltale’s other … Continue reading

Rap Genius is now just ‘Genius,’ wants to annotate all the things

Rap Genius launched in 2009 as a way to help others better understand the meaning behind rap lyrics, but it’s since expanded into other areas as well. On Friday, the site dropped the “Rap” from its name and rebranded as … Continue reading

China’s state-run TV calls the iPhone a national security threat; Apple disagrees

China’s state-run television says that iOS 7′s location services could inadvertently expose state secrets.

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The Week in iPad Cases: Colors aplenty

Colors aplenty This week’s roundup of iPad protection includes colorful designs, materials that range from the sophisticated to the ultramodern, and the usual variety of cases for your every need. Emall Box The Black 360 (iPad Air; $14) features a … Continue reading

two dots ipad iphone game review 800a

TwoDots review: Dangerously addictive puzzle game for iPhone & iPad

After creating one of the most successful puzzle games of last year, the makers of Dots have returned with their latest offering, TwoDots. Produced by Betaworks One, TwoDots hopes to build upon its predecessor’s success, which, at the height of … Continue reading

Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Bill Gates, from way back in 2001

Amazon launches cut-price Dropbox competitor Zocalo, takes a page from Microsoft’s monopolistic playbook

Amazon, after years of letting Dropbox ride its cloud storage coattails, is finally launching its own cloud storage and sharing service: Zocalo. Priced at just $5 per month for 200GB of storage, the oddly named Zocalo is about a third … Continue reading