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The Week in iOS Apps: Old timey pictures in TinType, Bitstrips meets emoji, and more

Old timey pictures in TinType This week’s app roundup includes TinType, an app that tries to reproduce the look of photos taken before your grandparents were born. Bitmoji If you want your emoji to be more personalized expressions of your … Continue reading

Xbox One Free-To-Play

The best free games on the Xbox One

Consoles were once exclusively home to big-budget full-price games, and now the entire market is being turned on its head. The Xbox One is now home to a number of free-to-play titles, and today I want to give those games … Continue reading

Amazon Appstore is throwing a Halloween bash with $115 in free apps

Amazon really wants you using its own app store, and it’s dangling $115 in paid apps as bait. There are some great titles here, but you’ll first have to install the Amazon Appstore on your Android device (our walkthrough shows you … Continue reading

Project Ara, modular phone prototype Spiral 1

Google’s Project Ara pushes ahead with new modular smartphone prototype

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group is finally ready to show off a new, fully working prototype of the Project Ara modular smartphone. The prototype appears to be a polished version of Spiral 1, which made a brief public … Continue reading


ET deals: Core i3 touch laptop $450, 39-inch Smart TV $369, 27-inch QHD LCD $595, more

Today we’ve got a lot of great deals for you, including a Core i3 touchscreen laptop for $450, a 39-inch Smart HDTV for $369, 68% off Windows 8.1 Professional and more. Read on to check out all the top deals … Continue reading

Don’t be surprised to see video ads in your Instagram feed starting today

Instagram has been slooooowly phasing advertising into your main feed. First there were sponsored photos from brands like Michael Kors—artfully edited and filtered, of course. Now the photo-sharing app is introducing 15-second video ads, starting with a promo for Disney’s … Continue reading

Intel Core M/Broadwell-Y chip

Intel’s 14nm Broadwell chip reverse engineered, reveals impressive FinFETs, 13-layer design

Intel’s new Broadwell has gone under the microscope at chipworks, and the firm has certified that Intel’s new core hits its metrics. Broadwell is a full 14nm shrink.

Samsung’ phone-free Gear S smartwatch gets U.S. launch details, requires a service plan

Samsung’s standalone Gear S smartwatch will launch in the United States starting November 7, but the service won’t come cheap. Unlike Samsung’s other smartwatches, the Gear S can make calls, send text messages and access the Internet without a paired … Continue reading

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band: A cross-platform fitness-oriented smartwatch for $200

Microsoft has unveiled the Microsoft Band, a fitness band with a small screen and some smartwatch-like properties. To get the most out of the Band, you’ll also need Microsoft Health, a quantified self/mobile health app that produces pretty graphs and … Continue reading


Rachio smart sprinkler update reduces water usage, ties into Nest for fire protection

It’s not only your home that’s getting smarter these days. Your yard can boost its intelligence too. Rachio, makers of the Iro smart sprinkler system, announced a new update to the company’s companion smartphone app that promises to lower residential … Continue reading