PowerShades’s new smart shades can be controlled and powered using a single cable

One of the biggest headaches of installing smart window shades is figuring out how to power the motors. Relying on AC power requires an ugly wall wart and hiding the resulting wires, but relying on battery power is just not … Continue reading

2020 Nissan Maxima Review: The Sporty Reason People Still Buy Sedans

The Nissan Maxima sedan has been around forever, since 1981, and you forget what a nice car it is, especially with its recent refresh that now includes the Nissan Safety Shield driver assists. For around $40K, you get a very … Continue reading

Logitech’s Circle 2 camera gets support for Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Owners of Logitech’s Circle 2 security camera will be among the first to test out one of the latest Apple HomeKit features: the ability to store their recorded video clips securely in iCloud. Logitech is rolling out a beta firmware … Continue reading

Google Will Bypass Carriers, Deploy Own RCS Chat System

OnePlus 3 and 3T OnePlus usually only releases one flagship smartphone per year, but this time it released two. They’re basically the same phone, though. The OnePlus 3 had a Snapdragon 820, 64GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM. The … Continue reading

Razr Sharp: Motorola’s Retro-Futuristic Foldable Phone Praised

When Motorola started teasing the idea of a retro foldable phone based on its iconic Razr, it seemed more like a tease than an actual product. Motorola hasn’t been a major competitor in the high-end phone market for years, but … Continue reading

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Spots Unexplained Oxygen Spike on Mars

The Curiosity rover has already had a tremendously successful mission on Mars, but it’s not done making discoveries yet. NASA reports that the rover has detected a perplexing increase in oxygen concentrations on the red planet. While the cause is … Continue reading

Disney+ marks a critical moment in the TV bundle’s collapse

While introducing this column back in the fall of 2014, I wrote about how the mighty cable TV paywall was beginning to crack. Although the cable bundle wasn’t in grave danger at the time, new streaming services such as HBO … Continue reading

C’est qui le patron ?! veut forcer les marques à plus de transparence

Fort des 150 millions de briques de lait vendues en trois ans par C’est qui le patron ?!, Nicolas Chabanne, revient sur le lancement de C’est quoi ce produit ?!. Une application comparée trop rapidement à Yuka : elle n’est … Continue reading

Comment optimise son taux de conversion

Ingrid Peiniau, directrice de l’expérience client de a présenté, lors de l’événement Personalize&Convert, le 14 novembre 2019, les 3 facteurs essentiels à l’optimisation du taux de conversion: détection des insights, réduction de l’insatisfaction client et diminution de l’effort client.

Les 5 campagnes de la semaine (10 au 15 novembre)

Burger King, Coca-Cola, Snapchat ainsi que John Lewis et Extinction Rebellion… Retrouvez la sélection, réalisée par la rédaction d’, des meilleures campagnes pub de la semaine.