Asus Transformer Book V: A Windows, Android, laptop, tablet, and smartphone five-in-one!

Asus unveils 5-in-1 Android/Windows Transformer Book V tabfonetop

If you thought that Microsoft’s tablet-that-turns-into-a-laptop was cool, the Asus Transformer Book V — unveiled at Computex 2014 in Taiwan — will blow your mind. Like previous 2-in-1 Transformer Books, there’s a Windows tablet that clicks into a laptop base … Continue reading

Lenovo Touch

ET deals: Lenovo Flex 2 14-inch Core i7 Haswell convertible touchscreen ultrabook for $669

Lenovo effectively gives you a laptop and a tablet in one with this 14-inch Flex 2 convertible touchscreen ultrabook.

Samsung curved TV

Why do we have a love affair for curved screens and devices? Because your brain finds curves beautiful.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we seem to have such an infatuation with curvy things? Why do we think that a curved smartphone or TV is better than the planar version? Why did we go gaga for the … Continue reading

The Robots are coming

Amazon deploys 10,000 robot workers, a year after Obama’s famous Amazon jobs speech

Amazon isn’t stopping at its initial 1,000 Kiva robots, with Bezos promising as many as 10,000 will be hard at work by the end of the year. That pales compared to the plans Foxconn has, likely helped by Google.

Windows XP rises from the grave

Windows XP rises from the grave: Simple hack gives you five more years of updates

With a simple registry hack, you can net yourself five more years of official Microsoft updates for your aging Windows XP machine. Microsoft, though, says you really shouldn’t do it — and that you ought to be a good little … Continue reading

Anode TEM

Scientists discover the reason that batteries lose capacity over time: Nanocrystals!

Too many charge cycles and even the most advanced lithium-ion battery will start to lose its edge. Researchers from the US Department of Energy might have figured out why that happens and what to do about it.

SpaceX's Elon Musk inside the new Dragon V2 usable manned spacecraft

SpaceX unveils Dragon V2, the world’s first commercial manned reusable spaceship

SpaceX has unveiled what it hopes will be the future of manned, commercial spaceflight: The seven-seater Dragon V2 spaceship. It is very similar to the current, unmanned Dragon resupply spacecraft, but with the new ability to soft ‘land anywhere on … Continue reading

snowden head

Snowden reveals his motives, spy training, and patriotism in first US interview

Conducted in secret on Russian soil, an extended NBC interview Edward Snowden revealed more about the man than the controversy he created.

Titan Z feature

Nvidia’s Titan Z arrives: Titanic compute, but at $3000 the AMD’s R9 295X2 is a better choice

Nvidia’s new Titan Z has launched with dual GPUs and 12 GB of RAM — but will consumers or enterprise buy a $3000 GPU?

Dell Desktop

ET deals: Dell XPS 8700 Core i7 Haswell quad-core desktop for $750

If you need a computer for your small business or home office, you probably don’t want to go through the hassle of building it yourself. You want a straight forward purchase, a powerful computer, and an affordable bottom line. This … Continue reading