Neurosurgeons, deciding how to cut up someone's brain

Neurosurgeons get ready to bring graphene to the operating table

Sooner or later, particularly if a new material is really exotic, someone wants to put it in your head. In a feature story for the latest issue of the journal Neurosurgery, doctors are looking to graphene to solve some of … Continue reading

Oklo nuclear reactor

2 billion-year-old African nuclear reactor proves that Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve

There has only ever been one natural nuclear reactor found, but study of how it worked, and why, is still informing nuclear decision-making to this very day.

Chrome killing the URL, origin token

Google moves to kill off the URL entirely in new version of Chrome

Google, after removing the age-old, comfortable-like-an-old-pair-of-socks http:// from the beginning of URLs in Chrome’s address bar, is now trialing an even more drastic move: Killing off the URL entirely. In a new version of Chrome, the full URL vanishes from … Continue reading


ET deals: 39% off Dell Inspiron 17R Core i5 laptop with Windows 7

Windows 7 laptops are still attractive options to the many consumers who aren’t eager to make the jump to Metro and Windows 8, particularly on non-touch laptops, which has counterintuitively allowed manufacturers to charge more for the older OS. If … Continue reading

Dr. Sigalla(in dark glasses) at a working session with top management of Zenith Mining & Construction Company

Cameroon Must Face the Competition of Industrialisation – Dr Sigalla

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon Dr. Prella Clever Sigalla is Cameroonian-born medic cum industrial promoter and the brain behind Guff Steel Industries, Cameroon. This indigenous industrial complex is fine-tuning its imminent takeoff. In this exclusive interview with, Dr. Sigalla … Continue reading

Page Facebook du Manidem. Anicet Ekane, un membre du parti à première vue

Législatives et municipales 2013 : pas encore présents sur les réseaux sociaux

Certains partis politiques comptent relooker leurs pages facebook et sites internet en vu des élections. Josiane Kouagheu Douala-Cameroun Avec une liste aux municipales et deux listes aux législatives, le Mouvement africain pour la nouvelle indépendance et la démocratie (Manidem) envisage … Continue reading

Humphrey Ekema Monono Registrar GCE Board fielding questions from the press

The GCE Board Has No Deal with MTN – Registrar

Walter Wilson Nana Buea, Cameroon. Following criticisms and varied opinions on the manner in which the public accessed the General Certificate of Education, GCE,  Advanced, Ordinary, Technical and Baccalaureate results for 2013, the Registrar of Cameroon GCE Board, Humphrey Ekema … Continue reading

Screen shot of Africa Adaptation Program Website

Cameroon Benefits from Japanese’s “Cool Earth Partnership”

Wilfred Enow Agbor Yaounde, Cameroon and Ata Nchomba Houston, TX The Japanese government, through its “Cool Earth Partnership” has restituted 20 weather stations to the government of Cameroon during a signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding. The ceremony took place … Continue reading

Obstruction de la voie piétonne

De la place pour les panneaux d’affichage

Les trottoirs sont détruits, les routes sont détruites, les pavés aussi André Marie DIBAMOU, Yaoundé-Cameroun Ça n’a l’air de rien. Au contraire, ça ressemble à un véritable capharnaüm. Sens dessus-dessous. Un désordre urbain va-t-on dire. Les pavés sont arrachés à  … Continue reading

Valdèze Tafock, l'animateur qui sucite des passions

L’émission Campus Magazine sur la 90.0 FM suscite des passions

Tous les vendredis de 15h30 à 17H, les ondes de Radio Campus à Yaoundé vibrent au rythme des journalistes de l’Ecole supérieure des sciences et techniques de l’information et de la communication (ESSTIC) André Marie DIBAMOU Yaoundé, Cameroun Pendant 90 … Continue reading