Haunted 3D – Teaser 2 | HQ

Haunted 3D – Teaser 2 | HQ Get ready to be Haunted…again!!! Check out another teaser video of 'Haunted 3D'. Keep watching this space for the First Look of the film on 7th February, 2011. For more updates on the … Continue reading

SISTERS IN LAW | Women Make Movies | Clip

SISTERS IN LAW | Women Make Movies | Clip "Morning, Legal Department, Kumba." For more information on SISTERS IN LAW, visit Email for order information. Tell us you found it on YouTube! SISTERS IN LAW A film by … Continue reading


CAMEROON MOVIES – CHINA WAHALA 2- BEHIND THE SCENES PIC BEHIND THE SCENES WITH BJ PRODUCTION From: BJrProduction Views: 8772 3 ratings Time: 02:51 More in Film & Animation

traffic d’enfants 2

traffic d'enfants 2 Zigoto Tchaya Tchameni/Zoomers Pictures, plunge Sarah/Maud/Nancy/Buminang/Lumiere in a web of a 6year old girl in the guise of child abuse… From: Zoomerspictures Views: 8527 0 ratings Time: 00:54 More in Comedy

Les Lions dans l’image d’un Lion by Macha & Ebel la Gloire

Les Lions dans l'image d'un Lion by Macha & Ebel la Gloire A short snippet of a great music video by Macha & Ebel la Gloire. A longer version will be up shortly. I saw this clip while eating breakfast … Continue reading

Lions Club – Cameroon

Lions Club – Cameroon SightFirst is Lions' most ambitious and most successful initiative ever. Thanks to SightFirst, Lions have restored sight to 7.5 million people through cataract surgeries, prevented serious vision loss for 30 million people and improved eye care … Continue reading

Lions Cave: Marius Nkwelle

Lions Cave: Marius Nkwelle Marius Nkumbe Nkwelle is a farmer in the southwest part of Cameroon, who wishes to acquire a chicken incubator for 2 million francs, which is roughly 3000€. As demand for chicken is high in this area … Continue reading

Lions Cave: Paul Kode

Lions Cave: Paul Kode Paul Code works with solar energy and smart battery solutions, mainly aiming at rural areas of Cameroon. Villages here are typically not connected to the general electricity network, but runs diesel generators to produce the little … Continue reading

M4U1: The 1xEV-DO Control Channel intro

M4U1: The 1xEV-DO Control Channel intro Dr Ernest Simo presents, in simple and intuitive terms, the operational characteristics of the 1xEV-DO Control channel. Dr Simo's LTE seminars are now available: 1-Intro to LTE (1 day); 2-Guided tour of the LTE … Continue reading