SpaceX Fires 11 Raptor Engines as It Prepares for Orbital Starship Test

SpaceX has seen enormous success with the Falcon 9 and Dragon combo, which are certified to carry both cargo and astronauts into space. Its follow-up will be the Starship, which has conducted a few short suborbital test flights. To leave … Continue reading

Comment personnaliser sans tomber dans les stéréotypes ?

La segmentation classique par critères socio-démographiques ne répond plus à la diversité des goûts exprimés par les consommateurs, ni aux enjeux de personnalisation d’une expérience de marque moderne. Adobe met en lumière le besoin d’une approche plus customer centric, qui … Continue reading

Sling TV

Think streaming price hikes are bad? Cable’s are even worse

With so many recent price hikes for streaming TV services, it’s tempting to wonder whether you might be better off going back to cable. Several major streaming services have raised prices in 2022, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Sling … Continue reading


RME Audio RME ADI-2 DAC FS review: Outstanding D/A conversion

At a glance Expert’s Rating Pros Sounds great out of the box Converts PCM and DSD files up to 768kHz Incredibly customizable D/A conversion Appealing throwback design Cons Steep learning curve if you want to learn everything it can do … Continue reading

San Francisco Legislators Approve Use of Lethal Police Robots

(Photo: Max Fleischmann/Unsplash)The San Francisco Police Department, one of the country’s largest municipal law enforcement agencies, recently revised its equipment use policy to include its surprisingly diverse robot stockpile. Though most of its robots disarm bombs or conduct reconnaissance in … Continue reading

Nvidia’s Scrapped RTX 4080 12GB Will Return as the 4070 Ti: Report

(The Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti will likely look very similar to its 4080 16GB. Credit: Gigabyte)Nvidia famously “unlaunched” the much-derided RTX 4080 12GB GPU a few weeks after it was announced. Instead, it chose to only move forward with its … Continue reading

Microsoft Fixes Windows 11 22H2 Gaming Issues, Resumes Updates

(Credit: PCMag)It wouldn’t be a Windows update without some bugs, and indeed, there were some annoyances when Microsoft finally released the 22H2 update (formally the Windows 11 2022 Update). Among the issues was a possible drop in game performance, but … Continue reading

Samsung’s New GDDR6W Graphics Memory Rivals HBM2

Samsung’s new memory features Fan-Out, Wafer-Level Packaging. (Image: Samsung) In the past, chip companies such as AMD have dabbled in High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) instead of GDDR to increase memory bandwidth for GPUs. This vertically stacked memory boasts incredible bandwidth, but … Continue reading


Pour chaque entreprise, travailler sa marque devrait être une préoccupation de tous les instants. L’image, la notoriété, la réputation des entreprises se font et se défont à vitesse vertigineuse. Le temps s’accélère et les marques ont à s’adapter à ce … Continue reading


La prise de conscience de l’intérêt et de la valeur des marques ne cesse de croître. On sait à présent que cette valeur immatérielle peut représenter jusqu’à 80% de la valeur globale de certaines entreprises du digital, par exemple.