Analyst: Intel Has Lost $3.5 Billion on Arc GPUs, Might be Time to Ditch It

Intel has yet to release its Arc discrete GPUs in the US, and already a top analyst is wondering when CEO Pat Gelsinger will decide to stop the bleeding. Respected industry commentator Jon Peddie has a new blog post asking … Continue reading

New York to Become First US City With ‘Congestion Pricing’ Tolls

(Photo: Franz Boccalatte/Unsplash)When air quality or vehicular traffic is particularly bad, some cities use freeway signs or news announcements to implore residents to carpool, ride a bike, or use public transportation. But unless the viewer is a particularly gung-ho climate … Continue reading

So Long, and Thanks for All the Chips

In my two-decade career in journalism, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some great sites, but I’ve spent the largest chunk of my time here at ExtremeTech, initially as a part-time contributor back in 2011. I came on board … Continue reading

FCC Denies SpaceX $885 Million in Subsidies for Rural Starlink Expansion

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that Elon Musk’s SpaceX will not get the $885.5 million subsidy it was previously granted for Starlink internet services. The money was part of the broader $9.2 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund and … Continue reading

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video vs Hulu vs Netflix: The top 3 cord-cutting services compared

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu remain the three titans of the streaming world in 2022, although tentatively. Just as in the early days of television, the business of beaming talking pictures into our homes is constantly in flux, with … Continue reading

Roku remote microphone button

You can’t change the Roku’s quick shortcuts, but there’s a workaround

For the most part, we’re fans of Roku’s friendly, intuitive remotes, and particularly the ones that have voice capabilities. But there’s a sticking point—or four of them, actually—when it comes to the Roku remote: the quartet of buttons at the … Continue reading

Google Fiber Begins First Expansion Since 2015

(Credit: Andrew Harrer /Getty Images) (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Getty Images)Google Fiber has awakened from its slumber, and that could be good news for all of us. The Alphabet subsidiary has barely expanded its super-fast gigabit internet service since it was spun … Continue reading

Amazon to Expand its Palm-Print Checkout System to Whole Foods Stores

Amazon’s palm-reading identification technology may be coming to a Whole Foods near you, if you live in California. This touchless system requires you to hold your palm over a scanning device. Once it authenticates your identity, it allows you to … Continue reading

Astronomers Spot Dazzling Galactic Collision

This image from the Gemini North telescope in Hawai‘i reveals a pair of interacting spiral galaxies — NGC 4568 (bottom) and NGC 4567 (top) — as they begin to clash and merge. The galaxies will eventually form a single elliptical … Continue reading

AirPods and iPhone 15 Expected to Have USB-C Charging in 2023

(Photo: Marcus Urbenz/Unsplash)Remember earlier this week, when I mentioned that Apple has historically refused to make all of its devices USB-C compatible? Well, I couldn’t be happier to find myself eating crow. A well-respected Apple analyst is predicting that two … Continue reading