Cameroon cocoa prices dip as beans hit market – Reuters

YAOUNDE (Reuters) – Cocoa farm-gate prices in Cameroon have dropped since last month as production has increased, farmers said on Monday. An easing of rains in the world’s fifth-largest grower has also improved bean drying operations and made …

Cargill to invest $3.25 mln in Ivory Coast cocoa – Reuters

Cargill also buys cocoa beans in Brazil, Cameroon, Indonesia and Vietnam. It markets Gerkens cocoa powders, chocolates including the Wilbur, Peter’s and Veliche brands, and coatings, fillings, cocoa liquors and cocoa butters.

US Africa Policy Assailed by Africans – Uruk Net

“Yesterday it was slavery, then colonialism and now the dictators Obama, [British Prime Minister David] Cameroon and [French President Nicolas … for the Ivory Coast from its major export – cocoa used to make chocolate. (In its day Ivory Coast … Continue reading

The Soft Spot(34) – Inside Futures

When it comes to cocoa growing regions in Cameroon there’s trouble in River City. Or perhaps I should say the city is a river! Cocoa farmers in Cameroon have a very serious outbreak of black pod disease on their hands. … Continue reading

Why Your Morning Coffee Could Be the Product of Child Labor – The Faster Times

Bananas in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Belize, and the Philippines; broccoli in Guatemala; carpets in India, Nepal, and Pakistan; cocoa in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Cameroon; coffee in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Kenya …

Stock up on Promotional Chocolate from 4AllPromos as Cocoa Prices Plunge – YAHOO!

YAOUNDE (Reuters) – Cocoa farm-gate prices in Cameroon have dropped since … Full Story »Cameroon cocoa prices dip as beans hit market ABIDJAN (Reuters) – Cocoa farmgate prices in Ivory Coast’s cocoa regions were … Full Story »Ivorian cocoa prices … Continue reading

The Soft Spot(33) – Inside Futures

Not good if you work in the Nigerian cocoa industry. Cameroon exported 37,413 tonnes of cocoa beans in August and September. This is up from 35,772 tonnes exported at the same time a year ago. That’s the good news; now … Continue reading

Cameroon’s Cocoa Purchases Dropped 7% in September – Bloomberg

Cocoa purchases by processors in Cameroon dropped 7 percent in September from a year earlier, the Cocoa and Coffee Board and the Cocoa and Coffee Inter- professional Council said. The purchases fell to 3,745 metric tons from 4,034 tons a … Continue reading

Microsoft Boosts Staff in West, Central Africa in Bid for Growth – Businessweek

The economy may expand 8.5 percent next year as cocoa exports and gold mining increases along with spending on electricity and roads. Microsoft currently has offices in Senegal and Cameroon and staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo …