Palm Oil

Chinese Palm Oil Plantations Are Destroying the Home of Africa’s Great Apes

Palm oil plantations have already destroyed huge swaths of orangutan habitat in Indonesia. Now the same thing is happening in Africa, where large-scale industrial plantations threaten chimpanzees, gorillas, and mandrills, among other species. According to a new report from Greenpeace … Continue reading

Oil Palm Production: Ministerial Committee Inspects Sites In SW

The working group laid the groundwork for various ministers to visit SG-SOC farms soon. An inter-ministerial fact-finding committee from Yaounde has inspected the palm nurseries and other investment sites of the Sixth Global Sustainable Oils Cameroon Limited (SC-SOC) located in … Continue reading

CAMEROUN :: Alerte à l’huile végétale : un poison de table nommé «Jadida» :: CAMEROON

Alerte à l’huile végétale : un poison de table nommé «Jadida»

L’Agence des normes de la qualité (Anor) est accusée d’avoir délivré un certificat de conformité à ce produit de grande consommation, présentant des paramètres physico-chimiques non conformes à la norme d’application ob

Bientôt une bourse des matières premières au Cameroun

Ce sont les matériaux de base tels que le cacao, le café, l’huile de palme brute ou encore le maïs qui seront cotés à la Cameroon Commodity Exchange, la future bourse des matières premières du Cameroun. Anne Mireille Nzouankeu Younde, … Continue reading

Gallon Business - some of these gallons are of doubtful hygienic conditions

Gallon business – Plastic Drums, Containers Sold to the Public Possibly a Health Hazard

By Atu Adele NGWANA Yaounde, Cameroon The doubtful hygienic conditions of some second hand industrial plastic drums, also known as “gallons” in Cameroon that are sold to consumers, are possibly a health hazard. However, it is no big deal to … Continue reading

Herakles Farms

Herakles Farms Creates Educational and Employment Opportunities in Cameroon with First Annual Dr. Isidore Timti Memorial Scholarship Fund

By Sally Oneke, Yaounde October 2012 marks the inaugural year of the Dr. Isidore Timti scholarship award from Herakles Farms with 26 Cameroonians being this year’s beneficiaries. The scholarship program is named after late Dr Isidore Timti who was  Cameroon … Continue reading

Cameroon Recods FCFA 1,076 Billion in Trade Deficit in 2011 –

According to Cameroon’s 2011 Balance of Payment report presented for … This resulted from oil sales, crude cotton, rubber and palm oil. Other products that also fetched foreign earnings for the State in 2011 include fresh banana, coffee and cocoa.

NASA satellites register deforestation hotspots in Cambodia, Myanmar, Ecuador for Apr-Jun 2012 period – News.Mongabay

Areas with a particularly large number of potential deforestation signals include Colombia, Ecuador, and Paraguay in Latin America; Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon … converted for industrial oil palm estates and pulp and paper plantations.

Cameroonians weigh pros, cons of palm oil – SmartBrief

In the Cameroon village of Fabe, the debate over a planned palm oil plantation reflects the dilemma facing many countries as demand increases. The project is expected to help provide people with jobs, roads and medical access, but it also … Continue reading

Special Report – Africa palm-oil plan pits activists versus N.Y. investors – Reuters UK

FABE, Cameroon (Reuters) – It was a tough week for Cameroonian village chief Wangoe Philip Ekole. People in Fabe, angry at his support for a palm-oil plantation in their rainforest home, had put a curse on its seedling nursery, prompting … Continue reading