Herakles Farms Creates Educational and Employment Opportunities in Cameroon with First Annual Dr. Isidore Timti Memorial Scholarship Fund

By Sally Oneke, Yaounde

October 2012 marks the inaugural year of the Dr. Isidore Timti scholarship award from Herakles Farms with 26 Cameroonians being this year’s beneficiaries.

The scholarship program is named after late Dr Isidore Timti who was  Cameroon director of Herakles Farms, a lover of development and a booster of employment in the nation.

Herakles Farms

Herakles Farms

The scholarship fund, which is an initiative within Herakles Farms, is a newly established program based on a competitive selection of its beneficiaries. The objective of the program is to provide educational and employment opportunities to some underprivileged but promising undergraduates.

The scholarship program covers tuition, books, accommodation and every other expenditures that results in the course of the program. The areas of studies include Nursing, Engineering, Forestry, Accounting, Finance, Crop Science and other related studies that will require the beneficiaries to join Herakles Farms as permanent employees at the end of their studies.

Herakles Farms is an American Agricultural company whose objective is to identify and implement solutions to important food security issues in Cameroon and Africa in general. Herakles Farms has operations in Cameroon and Ghana with headquarters in New York.

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