Apex Legends Developer Enrages Reddit With Accurate Critique of Toxic Gamers

Over the weekend, Apex Legends developer Drew McCoy took to Reddit to apologize for the various ways in which a recent in-game event (the Iron Crown event) had “missed the mark.” According to McCoy, the structure of the event broke … Continue reading

Scientists Detect First-Ever Collision Between Black Hole and Neutron Star

Scientists around the world celebrated the first confirmed detection of gravitational waves several years ago, a discovery that resulted in Nobel prizes for Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne, and Barry Barish in 2017. Since then, The American LIGO and Italian Virgo … Continue reading

Netvue Belle video doorbell review: Certainly not the belle of the doorbell ball

Netvue markets its Belle video doorbell as the first to be powered by an artificial intelligence that enables it to remember and associate names with faces (so it can learn to greet your guests by name) and instruct delivery people … Continue reading

France’s Solar Road Is a Complete Failure

Inauguration Wattway 16_06_2018 Remember solar roads? Five years ago, the idea of building insanely expensive solar panels on the ground and driving pollution-spewing vehicles over them was all the rage. Scientists pointed out the obvious flaws. A flat surface that … Continue reading

ET Deals: Vizio 65-Inch Quantum 4K TV $998, Dell Refurb. Core i3 $299, Arris DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem $117

Today’s top deal is a TV that uses quantum dot technology to create images with up to 115 percent more color than your standard 4K LCD TV. Vizio P659-G1 2019 Quantum 65-Inch 4k HDR Smart TV ($998.00) Vizio’s P659-G1 features … Continue reading

Microsoft Releases First Chromium Edge Browser Beta

Microsoft has been hard at work since announcing the death of the old Edge browser. The new Chromium-based Edge has been in developer testing for several months, but the first public beta is available today. Just head over to Microsoft’s … Continue reading

Starship Technologies Wants to Deploy Thousands of Delivery Robots at US Colleges

College campuses are being flooded with new students right now, but there could be some other new arrivals if Starship Technologies has its way. The robotics company has closed a new round of funding that will allow it to deploy … Continue reading

Canvas speaker promises “invisible hi-fi” audio for your LG OLED TV

Those of us with detailed, room-shaking audio in our home theaters must typically make do with a set of boxy speakers or a clunky soundbar plunked in front of the screen, but the makers of a new single-cabinet speaker claim … Continue reading

Hands On With the Benq SW270C Photographer Monitor

Benq has made a name for itself in recent years by delivering pro-quality monitors for photographers at great prices. Its new SW270C is no exception. For $799.99, you get a 27-inch monitor that covers 99 percent of Adobe RGB and … Continue reading

Cerebras Systems Unveils 1.2 Trillion Transistor Wafer-Scale Processor for AI

Credit: Getty Images Modern CPU transistor counts are enormous — AMD announced earlier this month that a full implementation of its 7nm Epyc “Rome” CPU weighs in at 32 billion transistors. To this, Cerebras Technology says: “Hold my beer.” The … Continue reading