Dual GPU Gaming Gives Up the Ghost as Nvidia Ends SLI Support

SLI — an acronym that originally stood for Scan-Line Interleave, then later for Scalable Link Interface — is, as of today, effectively dead in the form we’ve known it the longest. Modern GPUs that support DX12 support two forms of … Continue reading

Scientists Find First-Ever Planet Orbiting Dead Star

Humanity has identified thousands of exoplanets, so you’d think we’ve got a pretty good handle on where to look for them. And yet, the universe keeps surprising us. A new study led by Andrew Vanderburg of the University of Wisconsin-Madison … Continue reading

Klipsch The Fives review: These Bluetooth bookshelf speakers deliver smooth, refined sound

Ever since 1946, when Paul Klipsch began selling his patented Klipschorn speakers, the company that bears his name has been inextricably linked with horn-based designs. As he discovered a decade earlier while comparing horn-loaded and cone-based speakers, horns offer greater … Continue reading

Orbit B-hyve XR sprinkler timer review: One of the best smart irrigation systems

Three years after its first steps into smart irrigation systems, Orbit’s B-hyve brand is back with its most advanced smart watering hardware yet. The new B-hyve XR is stuffed with features, so let’s dive into it. For starters, the hardware—a … Continue reading

ET Deals: New Apple Watch Series 6 and 8th Gen Apple iPad Now Available

Today marked the official launch of Apple’s new Watch Series 6 along with Apple’s 8th generation Apple iPad. Both of these devices bring a rich set of feature enhancements over their predecessors and can now be purchased from various online … Continue reading

Resellers Used Bots to Dominate the RTX 3080 Launch

Nvidia’s hotly anticipated RTX 3080 video card when on sale this week, and most of the people who wanted to buy one were unable to do so. You can thank bots like the one from Bounce Alerts that help resellers … Continue reading

Apple Books TSMC’s Entire 5nm Production Capability

TSMC won’t have to worry about finding additional customers for its 5nm line any time soon. If reports are true, Apple bought the entire production capacity for the iPhone, iPad, and other refreshed devices it has recently launched or will … Continue reading

Here’s How You Can Win A $40,000 Tesla Model 3 for Free Plus Get Black Friday Savings In September

It’s one of the greatest giveaway prizes you’ll ever see. While Extreme Tech has given away its fair share of incredibly cool stuff over the years, we’ve never been able to offer something like this before. But right now, we … Continue reading

Le déménagement, une occasion en or de se faire entendre

Parce que changer de logement induit une hausse des dépenses des foyers concernés, mais aussi un renouvellement possible des fournisseurs d’équipements et de services, le déménagement représente pour les marques un moment-clé pour communiquer.

The Oculus Quest 2 Looks Like a Mostly Better VR Headset

The original Oculus Quest was a huge hit when it launched last year, bringing the world of untethered virtual reality to the masses. Just over a year later, Oculus has announced a sequel. The Quest 2 is heavily redesigned with … Continue reading