LG G8X Launches Nov. 1 for $700 With Free Dual-Screen Case

LG hasn’t been rolling out completely new smartphones as often as it used to. Instead, it created tweaked versions of past devices with new features and hardware. It hasn’t been completely unsuccessful, but it’s not catching Samsung any time soon. … Continue reading

Dans les coulisses de la stratégie sponsoring d’Orange

Football, rugby, cyclisme, e-sport… Depuis 20 ans, Orange est l’une des marques qui font le plus de sponsoring sportif. Stéphane Tardivel, son directeur des partenariats, nous explique pourquoi et comment.

TP-Link goes vintage with Kasa Smart filament LED smart bulbs

TP-Link’s new Kasa Smart filament LED smart bulbs look like they could have been props in the Benedict Cumberbatch movie The Current War, which explores the rivalry between electricity pioneers Thomas Edison, Nicolai Tesla, and George Westinghouse. The filament LED … Continue reading

Elon Musk Sends Tweet Via Starlink Internet Satellites

What a SpaceX Starlink satellite looks like in orbit. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is not afraid to shill for his company’s products, but he gets fewer chances with his work at SpaceX. After all, most of us aren’t … Continue reading

Eufy Video Doorbell (model T8200) review: Make sure you know what this inexpensive Ring competitor can’t do

We regularly kvetch about the not-really-optional subscriptions attached to too many smart home devices. And then there’s the issue of privacy: When a security camera vendor stores video that’s been recorded at your home, are they following best practices to … Continue reading

Huawei Will Launch Its Mate X Foldable Phone Next Month

Huawei delayed its folding phone in the wake of the export ban. Huawei demoed its first folding phone, the Mate X earlier this year, but it didn’t promise any specific launch date. Samsung famously had to delay its Galaxy Fold … Continue reading

At a Glance: Alienware M15 R2 Laptop Review

With a more polished and less flashy exterior, Dell’s Alienware M15 R2 stands out from the company’s usual products. If it wasn’t for the glowing Alienware logo on the back, this system might have passed as a non-gaming laptop. But … Continue reading

Google and Facebook Are Reading and Storing Your License Plate Number

Credit: ELSAG One of the problems with safeguarding privacy in the digital era is the way digital photography has exploded. We’ve covered the problem of license plate readers before, particularly when governments team up with corporations to effectively serve as … Continue reading

Pani Smart Home Water Monitor promises an easier way to keep tabs on your water usage

We’ve seen plenty of smart water sensors that will monitor how much household water you’re using while checking for leaks, but they’re often wallet-busters that require help from a plumber to install. Not so with the Smart Home Water MonitorRemove … Continue reading

Vizio’s upcoming SmartCast 3.5 update promises peppier TV performance

If the SmartCast interface on your Vizio TV has been feeling more and more sluggish lately, relief is on the way. A software update focused on giving Vizio’s SmartCast TV platform some needed pep is slated to roll out starting … Continue reading