James Webb Space Telescope Delayed Again to October 31, 2021

The James Webb Space Telescope aims to vastly expand our understanding of the cosmos with its gigantic mirror and powerful suite of scientific instruments. However, we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for the breakthroughs to start. NASA … Continue reading

Pencil Kings Is Producing Working Artists. You Can Join Them For Under $35

For anyone who has ever considered the art school route to a career in commercial art, we hope you had some wealthy benefactors standing by. Because art school is decidedly not cheap. You might even be surprised to learn that … Continue reading

Western Digital Releases First EAMR Disks in 18TB, 20TB Capacities

Earlier this month, WD promised it would release 16TB and 18TB of its EAMR drives, with a 20TB SMR drive to follow. This week, it made good on the first two promises: WD Gold EAMR drives are now available for … Continue reading

6 usages incontournables du courrier publicitaire

A quelles fins une marque choisit-elle de laisser un message dans la boîte-aux-lettres de ses clients et prospects ? Voici six raisons pour lesquelles une entreprise a tout intérêt d’opter pour le media courrier !

Microsoft Lays Out a Player-Centric Vision of Gaming’s Future

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer released a blog post today discussing what Microsoft sees as the future of gaming and how it will deliver that future to its customers. According to the company, “Our vision has one hero at the heart of … Continue reading

Gates, Musk, Others Hacked in Comprehensive Twitter Attack

Normally, managing to hack just one celebrity, CEO, or tech industry titan would be something of an event. On Wednesday, however, dozens of famous individuals began tweeting out the same Bitcoin scam.

These Eight Monitors Bring An Instant Computer Upgrade Without Breaking The Bank

Just like the eyes are a window to the soul, so is a monitor a window on what’s really happening at the heart of your trusty computer. Think about it — without it, how do you do…well, anything? You don’t. … Continue reading

Intel Discontinues Skylake-X HEDT CPUs, With Cascade Lake Barely Available

Intel is shipping 56-core solutions now, like Cascade Lake-AP. Those didn’t exist when 14nm was new. Intel has published a new set of Product Change Notifications (PCNs) for the Skylake-X platform as well as a number of Xeon processors. The … Continue reading

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock review: The best-known retrofit smart lock gets Wi-Fi—and shrinks its footprint

For years, market leader August has relied on a two-product solution to give its smart locks Wi-Fi connectivity. The August locks include only a Bluetooth radio in the door housing. A separate product called the August Connect had to be … Continue reading

The best cheap Android TV streamer for cord-cutters: A TiVo Stream 4K with its TiVo features removed

The TiVo Stream 4K is an interesting and unusual stream device. Instead of making you wade through an endless list of apps to find something worth watching, TiVo provides a single menu for browsing the catalogs of Netflix, Amazon Prime, … Continue reading