Samsung’s ‘Repair Mode’ Will Hide Your Data From Sketchy Repair Techs

No one likes to deal with a busted phone, but deleting all your personal data before you have it patched up makes matters even worse. Samsung has added a new feature to some of its phones that could alleviate this … Continue reading

ESA Begins Designing Probe to Explore Deep Within Venus’ Hellish Atmosphere

Venus is considered Earth’s sister planet because they’re about the same size and have similar compositions. That’s where the similarities end, though. Once scientists got a close-up look at Venus, they were greeted with a blistering hot hellscape with clouds … Continue reading

Analogue Pocket Gets the World’s First Video Game From 1962

The world’s oldest video game is now available on a sought-after handheld game machine — and no, I don’t mean the Steam Deck. Developers have released the iconic 1962 game Spacewar! on the Analogue Pocket. This Game Boy-style device is … Continue reading

EarFun UBoom L speaker review: Solid sound, weatherproof

At a glance Expert’s Rating Pros Good overall sound Plenty of thump IP67 rated for complete protection from both dust and water Cons Mid-range lacks a bit of definition Our Verdict For the price, you won’t find a better-sounding portable, … Continue reading


Nuvo Traveler review: This air purifier fits in your car’s cupholder

At a glance Expert’s Rating Pros Draws in air and zaps viruses with UV light Battery powered and reasonably portable Cons Not much in the way of an air filter Very expensive for what’s delivered Our Verdict This portable purifier … Continue reading

Valve Bans Game Awards and Review Scores From Steam Listing Visuals

An upcoming Steam update will prohibit developers from adding award and major review scores to their games’ primary visual assets.  According to Valve, developers have gradually prioritized their titles’ various accolades in Steam banner images (officially referred to as capsule … Continue reading

Spotify rolls out separate Play and Shuffle buttons

Spotify is tweaking its Play and Shuffle buttons again, this time giving users separate buttons for each playback function on both its album and playlist views. Previously–and controversially–Spotify users only saw one prominent playback button, which used to be Shuffle. … Continue reading

Startup Introduces ‘Clean’ Air Conditioning to Reduce Carbon Emissions

(Photo: Carlos Lindner/Unsplash)A startup from Florida has devised a new method of air conditioning said to carry less of a negative burden on the environment. Blue Frontier—which just received $20 million from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Bill Gates’ clean tech investment … Continue reading

Google Cracking Down on Spam and Scams With New Play Store Rules

Most of the Android malware scares we hear about originate in shady third-party marketplaces, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing suspicious in the Play Store. Google has announced a series of changes to make the apps safer and less annoying … Continue reading

DeepMind AI Breakthrough Allows Prediction of More Than 200 Million Protein Structures

Google’s DeepMind division has rolled out a few fascinating and impressive AI models, including one that can play StarCraft II better than you (and almost anyone else). DeepMind isn’t only interested in AI to play games though. Last year, the … Continue reading