Orion spacecraft, in space (render)

NASA May Launch Orion Crew Module on Commercial Rocket

It might seem like we’ve been talking about the Space Launch System (SLS) for years, and that’s because we have been. NASA began this ambitious project in 2011, eventually settling on Boeing as the primary contractor for what will be … Continue reading

CPR AM produit avec Brainsonic une campagne ultra responsable

A l’occasion du lancement de son nouveau fonds thématique intégrant une approche responsable, Climate Action, CPR Asset Management, société de gestion d’actifs, a fait appel à l’agence Brainsonic pour réaliser sa nouvelle campagne.


Scientists Revive 28,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Cells in Mice

Scientists working with Yuka, the best-preserved mammoth ever discovered, have partially revived some of her cells using mouse egg cells. The post Scientists Revive 28,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Cells in Mice appeared first on ExtremeTech.

The success of Apple’s new video streaming service might come down to price, not content

With just two weeks to go until Apple takes the wraps off of its new video streaming service, a new report suggests that third-party content, not original programming, will be the focus.

+ 24 % de SMS marketing envoyés aux consommateurs en 2018

La croissance du nombre de SMS promotionnels ou transactionnels envoyés aux consommateurs, entre 2017 et 2018 bondit de 24 %, selon l’AFMM et la Mobile Marketing Association France.

Les pratiques d’achats des consommateurs français

Comarch, spécialisé dans l’édition de solutions IT innovantes à destination du retail, publie son étude sur “Les Français et les évolutions du retail” et présente les principales tendances

Six technologies pour endiguer la contrefaçon

Combattre la contrefaçon est un effort de tous les instants. Les marques doivent redoubler d’inventivité et de solutions novatrices pour y parvenir. Voici six techniques, souvent complémentaires, éprouvées pour rendre vos produits inimitables et garantir leur authenticité.

Periodic Audio Nickel headphone amp review: Make your smartphone sound like a high-res digital audio player

Periodic Audio’s Nickel portable headphone amplifier will break you of the habit of listening to music on headphones plugged into your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And that’s how most of us listen to music these days, right? Dedicated high-resolution digital … Continue reading

DirecTV Now price hikes: What cord-cutters need to know

AT&T is holding a red wedding for DirecTV Now this week, axing dozens of channels from its lineup for new subscribers and raising prices for everyone. Gone are the old DirecTV Now plans that ranged from $40 to $75 per … Continue reading

Opportunity Sent Back One Final Stunning Mars Panorama Before Going Offline Forever

Before the plucky little rover passed on, it beamed back one final gift to the people of Earth: an awe-inspiring panorama of Perseverance Valley. The post Opportunity Sent Back One Final Stunning Mars Panorama Before Going Offline Forever appeared first … Continue reading