HBO Max ushers in streaming TV’s bean-counting era

The executives in charge of HBO Max would like everyone to know that the high times are over. That’s the message I got, at least, from last week’s Warner Bros. Discovery earnings call, in which the company reaffirmed that it … Continue reading

Alexa create a new routine

Want Alexa to tell you when your wash is done? Here’s how

Wish you had a smart washing machine that would alert you when your laundry is done? Thanks to a clever Alexa feature, you can add smarts to practically any washing machine or dryer. Alexa’s Sound Detection feature allows Amazon’s voice … Continue reading

Disney+ and Hulu get hefty price hikes

Remember the chatter that the upcoming ad-supported version of Disney+ might cost just as much as regular Disney+ costs now? Well, that prediction turned out to be exactly right. During its quarterly earnings call today, Disney dropped the bad news … Continue reading

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4, Plus Watches and Earbuds

Samsung has been talking up its success in foldables over the past few weeks, and the timing wasn’t random — Samsung was building hype for today’s event in which it unveiled its fourth-gen foldables, plus new watches and earbuds. The … Continue reading

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset May Cost Over $2,000

(Photo: Apple Glass concept by Taeyeon Kim)Apple’s still-unannounced mixed reality headset is approaching a level of speculation unseen since the Apple car rumors that persisted throughout the 2010s. And yet, analysts insist that the device is real and will launch … Continue reading

New Android Campaign Urges Apple to ‘Fix Texting’

(Photo: Android)A bold new campaign from Android is asking Apple to “fix texting” by adopting text standards maintained by the rest of the industry. A new web page titled “It’s time for Apple to fix texting” urges the iPhone maker … Continue reading

Chip Shortage Takes 180,000 Cars Off the Assembly Line

(Photo: Martin Geiger/Unsplash)The seemingly perpetual chip shortage has taken another prisoner: new vehicles. With semiconductors in high demand and automakers unable to get enough, more than 100,000 vehicles are expected to be dropped from this week’s assembly lines in North … Continue reading

Bartending Robot Makes Drinks, Remembers What You Like

(Photo: Rossi et al/ACM DL)Researchers in Italy have created a bartending robot that can shake up cocktails, chat with customers, and remember people’s individual tastes all at the same time. Built by electrical engineers at the University of Naples Federico … Continue reading

Moonshadow: China Mulls Fleet of Orbital Telescopes

A team of Chinese radio astronomers has proposed an ambitious project to put a fleet of ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’ radio telescopes into lunar orbit. Dipping in and out of the moon’s shadow, the satellites will peer into the “grand mist … Continue reading

Nobody Seems to Care About Netflix’s Games

Netflix may have big hits like Stranger Things and Squid Game, but it’s seeing its first subscriber losses in its history. One of the ways Netflix hopes to staunch the bleeding is with a cache of mobile games accessible only … Continue reading