Hands on With AMD’s New Radeon Pro W5700 Workstation GPU

While gaming GPUs get most of the attention, workstation graphics cards are essential for many kinds of engineering, scientific, AI, and multimedia tasks. So I was eager to get a chance to test out a pre-release version of AMD’s new … Continue reading

Amazon’s Fire TV Blaster lets you use Alexa to control the rest of your entertainment center

After announcing more than a dozen brand-new devices at its Amazon Devices & Services event last September, you’d think the e-commerce giant would be done for the year. Nope. On Tuesday, Amazon took the wraps off yet another new product: … Continue reading

SC19: Intel Unveils New GPU Stack, oneAPI Development Effort

Intel made some significant announcements at Supercomputing 19 on Sunday, including new details on its Xe GPU architecture and a programming model it calls oneAPI. Both products are critical to the company’s future plans; Xe represents Intel’s first-ever push into … Continue reading

At a Glance: Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Review

Microsoft’s new Xbox Elite Controller quickly became a popular option among gamers when it first launched in 2015. These controllers have reportedly not held up well over the years, though. Microsoft is looking to improve over its original design with … Continue reading

EZVIZ DB1 video doorbell review: Local video storage is this wired doorbell’s best feature

EZVIZ, best known for its home security cameras, now has a mid-range wired video doorbell. The EZVIZ DB1 doesn’t have a top-shelf feature set, but its $150 street price will garner attention, and it has a unique feature—a microSD card … Continue reading

TiVo Edge review: A once-great DVR in decline

The best thing about TiVo has always been its fundamentals. No other DVR gives you as much control over which programs to record and how to record them, and no other DVR makes live TV viewing so convenient. All the … Continue reading

Comment faire face à la disruption ?

Longtemps digitale, la disruption est aujourd’hui globale pour les entreprises, qui font face d’un côté aux nouvelles attentes des consommateurs, et de l’autre, à la concurrence des startup. Comment évoluer dans ce nouveau paradigme ? Morald Chibout, dga de CNOVA … Continue reading

Fnac Darty donne un nouveau souffle à son Contrat de confiance

À l’occasion du Marketing Day, FnacDarty a mis en relief son nouveau Contrat de confiance avec ses deux engagements : Le choix durable et Darty Max.

Le Food Brand Trust : une alliance à l’efficacité prouvée

Depuis 2017, le CMI media, Reworld Media et Prisma Media Solutions ont créé une alliance le Food Brand Trust pour permettre au secteur de l’alimentaire de renouer avec la confiance auprès des consommateurs.

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