Michigan Man Who Made His Own ISP Will Expand Service to Hundreds of Homes

(Credit: Rafe Swan/Getty Images) Internet users in the US don’t often have many choices in service providers. You’re usually stuck with the company that owns the cable lines in your area. A lucky few might also have access to fiber, … Continue reading

Billionaires are Searching for ‘Green’ Minerals Under Greenland’s Melting Ice

Scientists around the world now regularly sound the alarm over Greenland’s crumbling ice sheet, but there may be a silver lining. Wealthy investors are funding expeditions to hunt for rare resources in newly thawed areas. These materials are, ironically, vital … Continue reading

thursday night football

NFL without cable: A cord-cutter’s guide for the 2022 pro football season

More than any other sports league, the NFL has consistently embraced new ways to present its games. There are now more options than ever for getting your gridiron on once the season gets underway on Thursday, September 8, with a … Continue reading

Plus Audio The+Record Player review: Pricey, but superb audio

At a glance Expert’s Rating Pros Great stereo separation from a single unit Plenty of inputs Outstanding build quality Cons Intimidating setup for turntable newbies Heavy for its size Expensive Our Verdict The+Record Player may have a small footprint, but … Continue reading

Top 5 des campagnes engagées [Best-of 2022]

Découvrez notre séléction des 5 campagnes engagées qui ont marqué les six premiers mois de l’année ! Lidl, Tinder, Jennyfer…

Raptor Lake to Offer ‘Unlimited Power’ Mode for Those Who Don’t Care About Heat, Electric Bills

Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake architecture is getting closer, as recent leaks indicate. As each new leak or screenshot appears online, we discover new capabilities Intel has planned for it. The latest is an “unlimited power” feature that lets you … Continue reading

Excel All-Stars Do Battle in Esports Competition

(Photo: Microsoft)Esports has an exciting new genre, and it’s probably miles from what you think it is. The Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC), a competition that bases games on financial case studies and spreadsheet-based design, hosted a Microsoft Excel All-Star … Continue reading

Nvidia’s Q2 Gaming Revenue Falls 44 Percent, GPU Prices Plunge

The RTX 3060 has mining restrictions on it. The rumored RTX 3080 Ti may as well. Nvidia announced preliminary earnings for the quarter ending July 31 this week, and the results weren’t pretty. Given the upheaval in the market recently, … Continue reading

In Buying Roomba, Amazon Increases Its Presence in Your Home

A robotic vacuum cleaner such as the IRobot Roomba could be controlled by the MAX (Mobile Autonomous X) platform, Perrone Systems says. (iRobot photo) Amazon has grown into one of the largest companies on Earth by dominating online retail, and … Continue reading

NASA’s DART Craft Could Leave Asteroid ‘Unrecognizable’: Study

Earth has been walloped by enormous asteroids in the past, and it’s going to happen again. For the first time in history, there’s a chance that we could intercept one of these objects and prevent an impact. NASA’s Double Asteroid … Continue reading