Palm Oil

Press Conference on 2011 Forest Heroes Awards – UN News Centre

In Cameroon’s case, the Government had given individual communities … under serious threat in Indonesia and Malaysia due to the palm oil industry’s “clear-cutting” forest practices.  Ms. Tomtishen added that, when they had turned over a box …

UN recognizes US Girl Scouts for palm oil effort – France 24

The girls’ interest in palm oil grew out of their concern from the age of 11 for … Also sharing the prize were Paul Nzegha Mzeka of Cameroon, Shigeatsu Hatakeyama of Japan, Anatoly Lebedev of Russia and Paulo Adario of … Continue reading

Humans drove rainforest into savannah in ancient Africa – News.Mongabay

However, this episode of forest clearance occurred contemporaneously with the migration of Bantu-speaking peoples from near the modern Nigeria-Cameroon border … of domestic agriculture, such as oil palm nuts. Iron-working furnaces, which …

UN wraps up year of forests by highlighting their social and economic value – UN News Centre

Eleven-year-old girl scouts Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva, for example, won the award for the North American region for convincing the Girl Scout Organization to stop using cookies containing palm oil … 30 communities in Cameroon to protect …

Forest Heroes to Receive Special Recognition as International Year – UN News Centre

Through education, reforestation, and sustainable bee farming, Mr. Mzeka and his team have helped 30 communities in Cameroon to protect their watersheds … Ms. Vorva worked to raise awareness about palm oil, which is linked to the destruction of …

Cameroon: Mutengene – Oil tanker crushes 3 people to death –

Eye witness accounts hold that at about 3 pm, a palm oil tanker of about 40 tonnes, had brake failure. About 150 metres from the main roundabout, the tanker crushed two stationed vehicles alongside other objects that stood on its … Continue reading

Nigeria: Agriculture Transformation to Create 3.5 Million Jobs, Add 20Million Tonnes of Food –

Indonesia and Cameroon. “If you take a look at it in terms of palm oil production, Nigeria was at one point in the 60s accounting for 27 per cent of global supply of palm oil; today, we are at zero, … Continue reading

Leaked documents indicate EU looking to reclassify carbon emissions from biofuels – PhysOrg

Oil palm plantation on the slopes of Mt. Cameroon. Image: Wikipedia. ( — In order to wean themselves from their dependence on oil derived from fossil fuels, many countries, consortiums, and other groups have put incentives in place for the … Continue reading

EU raises stakes with Iran oil embargo – Palm Beach Post

BRUSSELS — Last month, the U.S. enacted new sanctions targeting Iran’s central bank and its ability to sell petroleum abroad, but it has delayed implementing the sanctions for at least six months, worried about sending the price of oil higher … Continue reading

Environmentalists see reason for alarm in GOP race – Quad Cities Onlines

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Four years after the GOP’s rallying … attention ahead of the Jan. 31 primary in a state where the twin issues of offshore oil drilling and Everglades restoration are considered mandatory topics for discussion.