Around the Halls: African Elections – Brookings Institution

On October 9, Cameroon will hold its presidential election … which prevents unstructured opposition from competing with the dominant political party. In addition, there is unequal access to the media as the State owns all the bill boards …

Why Gadaffi Was Executed

When Europeans had unparalled power in the world, they created untold havoc. They destroyed whole continents and their native populations; completely altering “human ecosystems”. Their brutality and savagery was unhibited. There are pictures of the Belgians in Congo and the … Continue reading

Savoir Faire II: How to Fight Recession in the Métropole

By Kangsen Feka Wakai Drink this hemlock For convalescence Under this rain of shrapnel Tomorrow, the sun will set in Bani Walid Drones of freedom Guns of hope Piranhas will be piranhas Everyone knows What they bring Everyone knows What … Continue reading