By Edimo M. Andrew

The Oroko Cultural Association (OCA ) – USA, after shipping over 58000 books last year to the Oroko homeland for the reading rooms/ Libraries project christened, ‘ Books For Knowledge and Empowerment,’ embarked on a medical supplies project this year.

With the diligent vision of their President; Iya Dr. Mercy Mabion OCA – USA (the national body) in collaboration with one of her affiliates (Oroko Cultural Association Georgia Chapter)  were able to ship two 40ft containers of medical supplies to Cameroon to help improve the medical serves in the Oroko area.

Oroko youths offloading medical supplies from the container

Oroko youths offloading medical supplies from the container

On August 10, 2012, orokos from the four corners of Cameroon gathered at the Kumba Urban council multi- purpose hall for the distribution of the consignment of the shipped medical supplies as the pictures on this link can tell the story better: http://orokousa.org/projects/medicalproject.html.

Sincere gratitude goes to the Medshare organization of Atlanta – Georgia, Med wish foundation of Cleveland, Ohio for believing in us and accepting to work with us and making available the consignment of assorted medical supplies which shipped to Cameroon. We thank all our friends and well-wishers who supported us financially or otherwise to see that we accomplish our dream of given medical supplies to our people. We are indebted to all those who supported our 2011 book project because your unflinching support to the realization such major project, was the inspiration that empowered us to undertake a bigger project like medical supplies.

We are indebted to the members of organizing committee in Cameroon who volunteered their time and money to see that the two containers were cleared from the Douala seaport, transported to Kumba, arranged and carried out the distribution diligently.  Last but not least, we are thankful to the few members OCA – USA who stood firm to see that our focus to achieving the project is not derailed.


Staff at Ekondo Titi hospital pose with Tata Ati Adolph as he tries the Scale donated to them.

Staff at Ekondo Titi hospital pose with Tata Ati Adolph as he tries the Scale donated to them.

The Oroko Cultural Association ( OCA) is a canopy organization for all the descendants of the Oroko ethnic group living in the United States of America.  The organization was initiated in 1997 in Atlanta – Georgia and for over a decade, it was able to accomplish little or nothing to impact the Oroko people back home, until the first female President Iya Dr. Mercy Mabian was elected to man the affair of the organization.  She tabled a proactive agenda for the organization and worked selflessly to achieving her goals for the good of the Oroko homeland.

Thanks to her vision and hard work today, Oroko Cultural Association USA is a house hold name in Orokoland.

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