Intel’s Jim Keller Leaves the Company for ‘Personal Reasons’

The Robert N. Boyce Building in Santa Clara, California, is the world headquarters for Intel Corporation. This photo is from Jan. 23, 2019. (Credit: Walden Kirsch/Intel Corporation) Jim Keller, the designer behind AMD’s Zen and lead chip architect at Intel … Continue reading

NASA Awards Launch Contract for Water-Hunting Lunar Rover

For the first time in years, NASA is gearing up to send humans to the Moon. The agency’s Artemis program aims to have boots on the Moon by 2024, but those boots will necessarily be preceded by wheels. VIPER is … Continue reading

Win A Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing New Horizons and More In This Free Giveaway

In a video game landscape dominated by massive guns, high-octane action, and spectacle worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s interesting that the first console game to ever sell over 5 million copies in a month is about a guy who goes for … Continue reading

Developer Blames VR Headset for Degraded Eyesight

Danny Bittman is a software developer who specializes in VR projects, with more than an estimated 10,000 hours logged in headsets over the past few years. He’s also convinced that virtual reality headsets are to blame for unusual vision problems … Continue reading

Blancheporte révolutionne son catalogue !

Personnalisé, connecté, revisité, plus engageant…Blancheporte n’a pas hésité à repenser complètement l’un de ses catalogues pour le rendre plus efficace. Un premier test grandeur nature très concluant !

Intel Unveils Lakefield CPU Specifications: Up to 3GHz, 64 EUs, and 7W TDP

Intel has teased Lakefield since its Architecture Day back in 2018, where it showed off the SoC for the first time. Lakefield is a unique product for Intel, given that it pairs four “little” cores based on the Tremont (Atom) … Continue reading

Nvidia Ampere Rumors Point to 300W+ TDP, Up to 24GB of VRAM

Rumors about Nvidia’s Ampere and the proposed family of consumer GPUs based on it have been circulating for months. The latest leaks claim Nvidia is prepping some significant improvements at the top end, along with higher power consumption. According to … Continue reading

Sony Reveals PlayStation 5’s Bizarre Final Design

Both Microsoft and Sony plan to launch new consoles at the end of 2020, but Sony’s big PlayStation 5 reveal on Thursday was more subdued than it initially intended. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and protests against police brutality around … Continue reading

iLife A4s Pro review: Simplicity is this robot vacuum’s strength

Apps enable robot vacuum capabilities we could only imagine a few years ago, but they frequently bring their share of headaches as well. Sophisticated features like multilevel mapping can be complicated, and the apps themselves are often finicky. It can … Continue reading

How cord-cutters can listen to free music

While it’s possible to cut the cable TV cord and still get most of your favorite channels, there are about 100 notable exceptions. I’m referring to Music Choice, the big bundle of radio-style music channels included with many cable and … Continue reading